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Our Compounding Pharmacy is where we create one-of-a-kind medications based on your physician's prescription and your personal preferences. Compounding is a highly specialized area of pharmacy practice – one in which Reeves-Sain pharmacists are uniquely skilled and extensively experienced.

Medication made just for you.

Compounding is a pharmacy practice that harkens back centuries to the early days of medicine. Back then, compounding was simply a custom formulation of a doctor's prescribed remedy. Today, our custom formulations can take many forms, thanks to modern technology, new research and our focus at Reeves-Sain on working with physicians and patients to create the most effective medication for you.

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How is compounding different than prescription or OTC medications?
A pharmaceutically compounded prescription is one that has been individually prepared to address the needs of a particular patient. Almost any type of medication can be created through compounding. In some cases, the compound is no different chemically than the commercially available drug, though it may be delivered in a different form or dosage. In other cases, such as in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, the compound is formulated to be molecularly identical to the hormones found in the patient's own body and therefore, quite different from many commercially available medications.

The History of Compounding
The practice of compounding dates back to the origins of pharmacy itself. For centuries, it was the individual pharmacist who compounded each formulation. During the 1950s, though, compounding became less common as commercially available medications became readily available. In recent years, compounding has regained popularity, and is now used in nearly all areas of medicine. Modern technology and new research, combined with a deeper understanding of cellular physiology as well as molecular structure and function, have all led to advances in compounding science. Perhaps the most important reason that compounding has regained popularity is that it allows doctors, patients and pharmacists to work together as a team, customizing medications to fit the needs of each individual patient.

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