Hormone Therapy

Get ready to feel like your new self! Our plant-derived, bio-identical hormones are often a more natural and effective way to correct a hormone imbalance.

We work directly with you and your physician to find just the right fit.Correcting a hormone imbalance begins with a conversation between you, us and your physician. That conversation helps determine the best way to customize our Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to work for you.

Key benefits of this approach include:

  • We use plant-derived, bio-identical hormones.
  • All medications are custom-formulated by us.
  • Our patients often experience fewer side effects and long-term risks than with other types of hormone replacement therapies.

Learn more about BHRT and schedule a consultation by calling 615-278-3387.

What treatment options are available?


Prescribed in combination with other hormones to help reestablish normal physiologic balance

Shown to be clinically effective for treatment of menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms and decreasing the risk of osteoporosis and colorectal cancer


Prescribed to counteract “estrogen dominance” and to help minimize the risk of endometrial cancer

Preferred by women who had previously taken synthetic progestins, according to a Mayo Clinic study

Androgens (Testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA) 

Added to therapy to alleviate menopausal symptoms

Helpful in protecting against osteoporosis, loss of immune function, obesity and diabetes.


Prescribed to men experiencing a decline in natural production

Designed to enhance psychological well-being and mood, improve erectile dysfunction and libido, increase muscle mass, strength and stature and preserve bone mass

Thyroid Hormone Therapy  
Prescribed to normalize thyroid gland production in men and women

Addresses a range of physiological symptoms related to hypothyroidism

Adrenal Fatigue  

Prescribed to men and women whose adrenal gland is not producing enough hormones

Addresses a range of physiological symptoms related to hypocortisolism

What do others have to say about their BHRT experience?

“I never thought I’d see another day when I could work without a fan or sleep without kicking off the blanket. I have been on BHRT for almost three weeks now and no longer feel embarrassed by those hot flashes.”
– Jennifer B.

“Thank goodness for Cindy Smith! She helped me through my therapy when I didn’t have the energy and thought about quitting. BHRT is more than medicine alone. You need to be surrounded by supportive, knowledgable people like they have at Reeves-Sain.”
– Lucinda G.

“Reeves-Sain helped me feel normal again. I thought I was just getting old, starting to forget things, feeling tired all the time…in my 40s! If my wife hadn’t gone through it herself, I might not have even been smart enough to go to the doctor to get checked out.”
– Jeff H.

About Reeves Sain

Reeves-Sain, founded in 1980, is a comprehensive pharmacy and health care operation, providing everything from pharmaceuticals, diabetes care equipment, immunization services, compounding and specialty services like Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. The company also operates a classic in-store Soda Shoppe and Gift Shoppe. Now part of the fred’s Family of retail stores, Reeves-Sain has established itself as an innovative company that provides excellent healthcare services in warm, neighborly and customer-focused way.

For more than two decades, our family-owned business has grown and diversified to provide a family of medical services. Through quality products and accessible professional services, we are committed to providing timely, consistent and comprehensive pharmacy care.


1980: Richard Reeves and Ron Powell opened “Reeves-Powell” Saveway Drug Store in a small trailer on Memorial Blvd in Murfreesboro, TN.

1981: Reeves-Powell move into strip mall on Memorial Blvd.

1982: Murfreesboro Pharmaceutical Nursing Supply opened.

1987: Reeves-Powell establishes a relationship with The University of Tennessee. (Student Preceptor’s Program)

1989: Reeves-Powell move into 5,000 sq. ft. building at 1801 Memorial Blvd. Adds an old-fashioned Soda Shoppe to the store to add charm and notoriety.

1990: Reeves-Powell opens up a Compounding Center.

1993: After finding some success selling medical equipment in retail store, Richard Reeves opens free standing building to house Reeves Medical Equipment and Supplies.

1993: Tennessee Vets Home calls Reeves-Powell and asks if business is equipped to provide medications to nursing homes. Hence, the birth of Long Term Care Associates, later to be called, Reeves-Sain Extended Care.

1994: After substantial growth in the home medical equipment and respiratory business, Reeves-Sain Infusion Services opens.

1994: Reeves Medical opens Mastectomy Services to accent growing home care business.

1995: Shane Reeves and Rick Sain buy a majority share of the business from Richard Reeves and Ron Powell.

1996: Reeves-Sain Health Management Associates opens to manage clinical programs and support residency and student programs.

1997: Reeves-Sain Drug Store opens on South Church St.

1997: Reeves-Sain Extended Care introduces automation to its Extended Care business.

1997: Reeves-Sain receives University of Tennessee’s Preceptor of the Year award for outstanding commitment to student education.

1999: Reeves-Sain opens pharmacy in Murfreesboro Medical Clinic.

1999: Reeves-Sain forms holding company.

2000: Reeves-Sain receives Tennessee’s Most Innovative Pharmacy award from the Tennessee Pharmacist’s Association.

2001: Reeves-Sain website established.

2002: Reeves-Sain begins Diabetic Mail Order business in Medical Division.

2003: Reeves-Sain Drug Store on Church Street sells to Eckerd. (Proceeds of this money used to retire debt and invest in other growth opportunities.)

2004: Reeves-Sain unveils new logo and mission statement.

2005: Reeves-Sain launches new website.

2005: Reeves-Sain launches new multi dose packaging for the retail market called MediPACK™.

2006: Reeves-Sain builds Habitat for Humanity house.

2008: Reeves Sain wins 2008 Nashville Business Journal’s Rutherford County Impact Award for Innovation.

2009: Reeves Sain and MediPACK featured in National Caregiver Conferences in Nashville and Florida.

2010: Reeves Sain celebrates its 30th Anniversary with “Live Well, Be Well,” a program reaffirming Reeves-Sain’s commitment to helping customers feel their best.

2010: Official Ribbon Cutting for Reeves-Sain Extended Care/MediPACK

2012: Reeves-Sain received acknowledgement in ‘America’s Pharmacist Magazine’.

2013: Shane Reeves, co-owner of Reeves-Sain, named a ‘Health Care Hero’ by the Nashville Business Journal.

2014: Reeves-Sain pharmacist Cindy Smith, Pharm.D., was invited to present to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee.

2014: Reeves-Sain won the Ruthies Award for ‘Best Pharmacy’ for the seventh-consecutive year.

2015: Reeves-Sain celebrates its 35th Anniversary.

2015: Reeves-Sain is acquired by Fred’s, a leading rural retail pharmacy organization. Despite this purchase, Reeves-Sain will continue to serve in its longstanding role as a community pharmacy led by co-founder Rick Sain.