What do others have to say about their BHRT experience?

"I never thought I'd see another day when I could work without a fan or sleep without kicking off the blanket. I have been on BHRT for almost three weeks now and no longer feel embarrassed by those hot flashes."
- Jennifer B.

"Thank goodness for Cindy Smith! She helped me through my therapy when I didn't have the energy and thought about quitting. BHRT is more than medicine alone. You need to be surrounded by supportive, knowledgable people like they have at Reeves-Sain."
- Lucinda G.

"Reeves-Sain helped me feel normal again. I thought I was just getting old, starting to forget things, feeling tired all the time...in my 40s! If my wife hadn't gone through it herself, I might not have even been smart enough to go to the doctor to get checked out."
- Jeff H.

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